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Topic: Client Communication & Experience

  • How to stop getting ghosted
  • How to make yourself irresistible to your ideal clients
  • How to say yes to only the clients you want to work with/How to find ideal clients
  • Communication strategies and tactics to level up your client experience
  • Finding more ideal clients to onboard
  • How to convert inquiries to clients
  • Best practices for onboarding new clients

If you use HoneyBook in your business, you can incorporate the HoneyBook product with:

  • HoneyBook helps you respond quickly to inquiries via the HoneyBook Contact Form and automations that can respond for you
    • Everything you need to customize your client communication, including a history of all your emails and project details, is in one place (your client workspace) for quick and easy reference
    • Digital contracts, invoices, payment reminders and scheduling tools make it so easy for clients to know where to go and what to do next to keep your project moving forward 

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  • Address:

    1. The pain points you specifically hear about from the small business community and why it matters2. Tactical tips and strategies to overcome the pain point(s) and what the impact would be in doing soImagine you were explaining how to replicate your tips, strategies and ideas to your business bestie. Share the steps on how to put it into practice. The more details, the better! We want people to walk away with the tactical know-how to learn from your ideas and implement similar tactics in their own businesses.3. Include a natural HoneyBook tie in (either about HoneyBook in general or a specific HoneyBook feature)How exactly do you use it to solve the pain point?Why does it help?What is the result?


  • Use headers and subheaders in your article - this helps the article to be read easily, and is more likely to be selected for publication as a result
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  • do not exceed 1400 px wide (700 px is optimal)
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Please Note:

  • This content is used as a tool for teaching and sharing within the community online and at our TuesdaysTogether events around the world. Our audience receives clear, actionable content best. Be concise and proofread for errors in your copy. We reserve the right to edit your copy as seen fit for reasons including but not limited to: grammar, content, SEO effectiveness, and more. We also reserve the right to use only a portion of the submission if needed.
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   You can find the full Content Terms and Guidelines here: https://www.honeybook.com/risingtide/communityguidelines#content

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