We are so excited to be accepting photo submissions to feature our incredible community throughout Rising Tide & HoneyBook content. All photos will credit you, your business, and/or the photographer. For a chance to be featured, submit your photos here. 


We are seeking action shots of creative entrepreneurs and makers in their element, creating, and doing business. This includes behind the scenes photos of you or others in their everyday work, brand photography, TuesdaysTogether meetings, etc.

At Rising Tide and HoneyBook we love to highlight the diversity of community members including but not limited to: industry, background, race, style, and more. These can be images photographed by you or of you, but regardless, you agree to the following:

By submitting a photograph, you warrant that you are the owner of the image, and that you alone own the copyright or that you have obtained any necessary third-party releases to share the image. You understand that neither you nor the photographer will receive any compensation for the photos being used but will be credited in the channel they are used.

You also agree to the images being potentially featured in any or all content and marketing materials for Rising Tide and HoneyBook (i.e. monthly content guides, e-mail marketing, blog posts, social media, promotions, website, etc.).

Photo Dimensions:

  • do not exceed 1400 px wide (700 px is optimal)
  • file size is 700 kb or less
  • web quality (72 dpi)
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.